VersaTemp® Temporary Crown and Bridge Resin

From single-unit crown to more demanding cases, temporaries are an important part of any practice. With two chemistries to offer, VersaTemp® and VersaTemp® 2, Sultan Healthcare provides clinicians with the proper tools for beautiful temporaries that contribute to creating lasting clinical results.
VersaTemp® Temporary Crown and Bridge Resin
VersaTemp temporaries provide an accurate advance preview of the permanent restoration. This gives you and your patients a unique opportunity to adjust the fit, color and shape of the temporary chairside, resulting in terrific provisionals and providing a blueprint for permanent restorations.
  • The ability to create high performance provisionals that look and feel like final restorations
  • 6 beautiful Vita-matched shades (AO-Bleach, A1, A2, A3.5, B1 and C2)
  • A working time of 1.5 minutes and a setting time of 4 minutes
  • 5ml, 25ml and 50ml clog-proof, 1:1 cartridges that makes it easier to handle and dispense
5ml Syringe Kit Brown Mixing Tips 25ml Refill Kits 1-25ml Cartridge, 10 Mixing Tips 50ml Bulk Kits 3 x 50ml Cartridges
REF 72080 Shade A1 REF 72010 VersaTemp 25ml Introductory Kit 4-25ml Cartridges (A1, A2, A3.5 and B1) 1-Type s-25 Dispenser Gun, 40 Mixing Tips REF 72065 Shade A1
REF 72085 Shade A2 REF 72035 AO-Bleach REF 72070 Shade A2
REF 72090 Shade A3 REF 72015 A1 REF 72075 Shade A3
REF 70031 Refill Brown Mixing Tips (2.5mm x 8), 4 ml Syringe, Pkg. of 20 REF 72020 A2
REF 72025 A3.5
REF 72030 B2
REF 72040 C2
REF 70035 Refill Blue Mixing Tips (3.2mm x 12), 25ml Cartridge, Pkg. of 50 for use with 25ml & 50ml cartridges 50ml Refill Kits 1-50ml Cartridge, 15 Mixing Tips
REF 72050 Shade A1
REF 72055 Shade A2
REF 72060 Shade A3
Versa-Temp® 2 Temporary Crown & Bridge Resin
Versa-Temp® 2 combines the superb performance and natural-looking aesthetics you want – for temporaries that set quickly, handle easily, look great and stay strong until the final crown or bridge arrives. Versa-Temp® 2 is a high-strength, high-esthetic temporary resin with a natural fluorescence ideal for both anterior and posterior temporaries. It provides great handling and fast polishing without compromising on strength and speed.
  • Up to 70% stronger* than leading competitors – 450 MPa compressive strength
  • 4 minute total set time
  • Simple to adjust and trim
  • Natural Fluorescence
  • Easy to polish with an alcohol wipe (e.g. Isopropyl)
  • Available in shades A1, A2, and A3
REF# 50ml Cartridge, 15 Mixing Tips REF# 3 x 50ml Cartridge
72041 Shade BL
72051 Shade A1 72066 Shade A1
72056 Shade A2 72071 Shade A2
72061 Shade A3 72076 Shade A3