About Sultan

A reputation for quality products and outstanding service since 1872.

Sultan Healthcare is dedicated to providing the global healthcare community with innovative products and fast, reliable service. Our on-going commitment to research and development allows us to constantly offer you our own exciting new products. We also aggressively seek out the latest product developments worldwide and bring them to you through our international distribution alliances and exclusive product acquisitions.

The Sultan tradition began in 1872, when Edward Sultan founded the original Sultan Pharmacy on 23rd Street in New York City. The pharmacy dispensed prescription and over-the-counter drugs and was popular for its lunch counter. In the 1930’s, the New York University School of Dentistry opened just one block away. Since Sultan filled prescriptions for the school, it wasn’t surprising that graduate dentists continued to send their prescriptions to Sultan for their dental pharmaceuticals. As more and more dentists turned to Sultan in the 1940’s, a small manufacturing area replaced the lunch counter. By 1955 Sultan required more manufacturing and inventory space and moved to New Jersey. Sultan closed the pharmacy and devoted all its efforts to manufacturing products for sale to dentists and dental dealers.

Over the course of our 145 year history, Sultan Healthcare has grown to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of infection control products, dental materials, preventives and oral therapeutics. Our distribution partners and dental practitioners worldwide count on us for innovative quality products, superior customer service, premium marketing support and continuous profitability.