Genie VPS Impression Materials

Genie is chemically engineered to produce remarkably detailed and precise impressions every time you use it, no matter which technique you use. Genie is available in a full range of wash and tray materials - five viscosities and two set times.
Genie VPS 50 mL
2- pack Berry Flavored (2 x 50ml Cartridges, 6 Mixing Tips - XLB and LB varieties include 6 Intraoral Tips)
Genie VPS Rapid Set (2:10) Standard Set (4:30)
Extra Light Body 77600 77605
Light Body 77610 77615
Regular Body 77620 77625
Heavy Body 77630 77635
Genie VPS Bulk Kit
Berry Flavored (60 Cartridges x 50ml)
Bulk Kits Rapid Set (2:10) Standard Set (4:30)
Light Body 77720 77725
Regular Body 77700 77705
Heavy Body 77710 77715
Genie VPS Putty
Berry Flavored (2 x 300ml jars and 2 scoops)
Genie Putty Rapid Set (2:30) Standard Set (4:30)
Putty 77650 77655
Genie VPS 380 mL
Berry Flavored (1-380ml cartridge, 10 mixing tips)
Magic Mix Rapid Set (2:10) Standard Set (4:30)
Regular Body 78800 78805
Heavy Body 78810 78815
Genie VPS Accessories
Mixing Tips
REF Mixing Tips
0072100FG BLUE Mixing Tips (50 ct)
For Heavier Viscosity Materials (alginate replacements, tray material, and bite registration material)
0072101FG RED Mixing Tips (50 ct)
For Lower Viscosity Materials (wash material)
0072008FG RED Intraoral Mixing Tips (100 ct)
For Lower Viscosity Materials (wash material)
0072102FG Dynamic Mixing Tips (50 ct)
Use with Machine Mix Impression