Functional Impression Material

HydroCast: Predictable Results for Removable Prosthetics
  • A clinically proven formula that stays soft and functionally flexible for weeks
  • A tissue conditioner that works to return edentulous tissues to a normal state
  • An interim soft-lining for immediate full dentures, interim partial dentures, or after implant placement surgery
  • A predictable denture impression material
  • A reliable diagnostic tool that functionally stabilizes the denture base
  • Great for fabricating diagnostic dentures when planning implant cases
  • Methyl methacrylate-free and patient-friendly
  • Easy-to-use 2-component powder/liquid format
HydroCast Introductory Kit: 1- 130gm Bottle of Powder, 1- 115ml Bottle of Liquid, 1- 8ml Bottle of Flow Replenisher, 2 Glass Measuring Vials and 1 Mixing Glass HydroCast Tissue Treatment: 1-115ml Bottle of Liquid Only HydroCast TT: 1- 8ml Flow Control Bottle Only HydroCast Tissue Treatment: 1- 130gm Bottle of Powder Only HydroCast Wetting Agent: 2- 115ml Bottle of Liquid HydroCast XFS Resin: 100ml liquid, 200g powder Kayon Denture Tinting Stain Kit: 10g each of A, E, F, H and B, 60ml Liquid HydroCast TT Bulk Package: 6- 130g Bottle of Powder, 6- 115ml Bottle of Liquid
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