Disposable Impression Trays

3-Way® Disposable Impression Trays
  • Ergnomically designed handles for easier seating and removal
  • Well-defined access ledges and rigid plastic for greater stability
  • Thin, non-tear mesh for superior strength
  • Patented undercut wall grooves lock
  • impression material to the tray preventing distortion
  • Exclusive I.D. Labels permanently affix to tray handle for easy patient and case identification
Intro Pack Assorted sizes(40 per box) Anterior (35 per box) Posterior (50 per box) Quadrant (35 per box) Posterior Sideless (50 per box) Wide Body Posterior (50 per box)
REF AD33000 REF AD33001 REF AD33002 REF AD33003 REF AD33004 REF AD33005
DenTray® II Disposable Impression Trays
Get the right Impression! Thanks to their rigid design, DenTray® II Disposable Impression Trays ensure stability and reduce the possibility of distortion. They deliver superior performance and are compatible with all impression materials. Manufactured of high-impact polystyrene, they can be customized by flame or trimming if desired. Both the perforated and solid models are ergonomically designed, and available in a variety of full or partial trays.

Made of rigid polystyrene to ensure stability and reduce the possibility of distortion

  • ‘Slot and dot’ design locks impression material in place
  • Thermoplastic: can be customized by flame or trimming if desired
  • Ergonomically designed with reinforced handle for easy seating and removal

Products (Bags of 12)

Assorted - (1 of each perforated, 2 each 3P and 4P) #1P Large Upper #2P Large Lower #3P Medium Upper #4P Medium Lower #5P Small Upper #6P Small Lower #7P Upper Left/Lower Right #8P Upper Right/Lower Left #9P Upper Anterior #10P Lower Anterior #7S Upper Left/ Lower Right Solid #8S Upper Right/ Lower Left Solid #9S Upper Anterior Solid #10S Lower Anterior Solid
REF AD33050 REF AD33051 REF AD33052 REF AD33053 REF AD33054 REF AD33005 REF AD33056 REF AD33057 REF AD33058 REF AD33059 REF AD33060 REF AD33061 REF AD33062 REF AD33063 REF AD33064