Prophy Paste

Topex® Prophylaxis Paste
Topex® prophy paste combines the perfect blend of polishing and cleaning agents with a 1.23% Fluoride Ion.
  • Excellent washability, leaves no gritty residue
  • Splatter-free formula, stays on Prophy cup and tooth surface with no mess
  • Disposable unit dose cup, eliminates cross contamination
  • Color-coded tops and easy to read labels, are convenient and simple to use
  • 2 Upgrade® angles & 1 autoclavable prophy ring included free in every box, aids in paste application
Topex® Prophy Paste Unit Dose Cups & Jars
Coarse Medium Fine X-Coarse Flavor Size
REF AD30001 REF AD30011 Cherry 200 cups/box
REF AD30002 REF AD30012 REF AD30041 REF AD30042 Mint 200 cups/box
REF AD30004 REF AD30014 Pina Colada 200 cups/box
REF AD30007 REF AD30017 Chocolate Mint 200 cups/box
REF AD30000 REF AD30015 Assorted(Cherry, Mint, & Pina Colada) 200 cups/box
REF AD30008 REF AD30018 Fun Pak (Really Raspberry,Root Beer Float, & Cinnamint) 200 cups/box
REF AD30009 REF AD30019 Neapolitan Assortment (Chocolate, Vanilla, & Strawberry) 200 cups/box
REF AD30025 Bubble Gum 200 cups/box
REF AD60002 Non-Fluoride Mint cups 200 cups/box
REF AD60011 Non-Fluoride Cherry cups 200 cups/box
REF AD30021 REF AD30031 Cherry 12oz jar
REF AD30022 REF AD30032 Mint 12oz jar
REF AD30024 REF AD30034 Pina Colada 12oz jar
REF AD30040 Non Fluoride Mint 12oz jar