Topex® 60 Second Fluoride Gel
  • Thixotropic formula liquifies when tray is place on teeth and returns to gel once the tray is seated, reducing gagging and ingestion
  • 60 Second application, fast, easy with better patient compliance
  • pH between 3 and 4, enhances fluoride uptake in the enamel
  • Approximately 100 applications per bottle 16 fl. oz. (480ml) bottle
Cherry Mint Orange Cream
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Topex® 60 Second Foam Fluoride
  • Dense foam consistency, remains in tray under bite pressure, eliminating gagging and ingestion
  • 1.23% APF with a 3.5 pH (12,300 ppm), enhances fluoride uptake in the enamel
  • Approximately 110 applications, very
  • economical, only pennies per application 4.4oz. (132ml) bottle
Strawberry Spearmint Bubble Fun Orange Dream
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Topex® Neutral pH Fluoride Gels and Foam
  • 2% Sodium Fluoride (0.9%fluoride ion) pH balance of (6.5 -7.5), ideal for patients with cosmetic restorations or intolerance to acidic fluoride
  • Four minute application, for optimal fluoride uptake
  • Clearly StrawberryTM Gel contains no dyes, ideal for use after whitening procedures & patients intolerant of colors/dyes 16 fl. oz. (480ml) bottle

16 fl. oz. (480ml) bottle

Mint Clearly Strawberry
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4.4oz. (132ml) bottle

REF AD31165 Mixed Berry Foam

Topex® Take Home Care®: 0.4% Stannous Fluoride Gel
  • 0.4% Stannous Fluoride, reduces sensitivity & plaque biofilm, while inhibiting cariogenic microbial process
  • Thick, clear gel, can be easily applied using toothbrush or fluoride tray
  • Non-water soluble (stannous), no food or drink restrictions after application
  • Alcohol free with no color additives, reduces allergic reactions
Bubble Gum 4.3oz. (12/box) Berry 4.3oz. (12/box) Mint 4.3oz. (12/box)
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