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  Sultan Healthcare: Restoratives Materials: TempART Acrylic Resin Temporary Material  
  • REF 71010 TempART Introductory Kit 1-100ml Dropper Bottle Liquid, 5-Shades Resin Powder, 5-Intrinsic Modifier Shades, 1-LC Stain Kit (6-5ml Bottles: Yellow, Blue, Gray, White, Brown, Burnt Amber), 1-15ml  Bottle of GlossCote, 1-Mixing Dish
  • REF 71041 TempART A2 Refill Kit 100g A2 and 100ml liquid
  • REF 71015 TempART Powder Refill 50g, Shade A-1
  • REF 71020 TempART Powder Refill 50g, Shade A-2
  • REF 71025 TempART Powder Refill 50g, Shade A-3.5
  • REF 71030 TempART Powder Refill 50g, Shade B- 1
  • REF 71035 TempART Powder Refill 50g, Shade C-2
  • REF 71040 TempART Self Cure Liquid Refill, 100ml
  • REF 71045 TempART Heat Cure Liquid Refill, 100ml
  • REF 71087 TempART Light Cure Stain Kit 6 x 5ml
  • REF 71090 TempART GlossCote Light Cure Varnish, 15ml
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