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Sultan Healthcare: Infection Prevention Products: Instrument Cleaning Solutions: ReSURGE™
ReSURGETM Instrument Cleaning Solution

With ReSURGE, your instruments are not only cleaner, but looking more like new... every day. See for yourself!
  • Proven to clean better and faster than the leading ultrasonic cleaning solutions.*
  • Unique formula helps protect your instruments' passive layer (outer coating), reducing the potential for stains, spots and even rust.**
  • Neutral pH, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. At only 1/2 oz. per gallon dilution, it's economical and uses less chemistry.

*Instrument cleaning studies 2012
**Instrument protection study 2012

For more information check out the ReSURGETM microsite HERE!!
REF 21520 ReSURGETM 24-1/2 oz. packets (makes 24 gallons)
REF 21521 ReSURGETM 33.8 oz. self-measuring bottle (makes 67 gallons)