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Sultan Healthcare: Restoratives Materials: TempART Acrylic Resin Temporary Material

TempART Acrylic Resin Temporary Crown and Bridge Material: Stunning Esthetics and Great Handling

TempART’s unique acrylic resin chemistry provides strength and durability, creating provisionals that simulate the look and feel of the final restoration. It allows you to create temporaries that exhibit a remarkable level of color depth and translucency...in an infinite number of natural-looking shades!
  • 5 Vita-matched base shades: A1, A2, A3.5, B1 and C2
  • 5 internal modifier tinting powders (enamel, yellow, white, brown and gray) are used to intrinsically color the temporary as it is fabricated
  • An instantly dissolving resin powder yields a smooth, creamy mixture for easier handling, quicker seating within the matrix and better accuracy
  • A self-curing liquid is ideal for both chairside and laboratory use (a heat-cure liquid is also available upon request)
  • 6 stains in the TempART LC Stain Kit add amazingly lifelike details and shading
  • GlossCote Light Cure Varnish for a hard, durable, glossy finish without mechanical polishing

Technical Specifications

  • Working Time: Determined by user powder/liquid mix ratio
  • Setting Time: Should not exceed 4 minutes
  • Flexural Strength: >70 MPa
  • Water Sorption: 19.5 mg/mm2
  • Particle Size: 150 mm maximum
  • Polymer: Proprietary PEMA/PMMA copolymer
TempArt LC Stain Kit
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GlossCote Light Cure Varnish
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Additional Information
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TempART Technique: